I am Tiina Leinonen, bred and born in the unique nature of Saimaa:

The sounds of the forest, the power of the water, the secrets of ancient cliffs and ancient waterways, the future of the Saimaa ringed seal and the delicate nature of the archipelago are my passion and my home.

Come with me and experience the spirit of Saimaa: the landscapes of Luonteri, Lietvesi and Yövesi, the stories of ancient and present travelers, and discover your own story and adventure.


  • wilderness and nature guide (Inari)

  • kayaking guide

  • forest engineer at Evo Forest College

  • specialized in: adventure and physical education, herbs, plants, animals and environmental education

  • I have been an active athlete all my life, i.e. racing and hiking, marathon running, kayaking and church boat rowing (where I won gold in the Mikkeli rowing women's team)

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